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Coated Bullet Reloading Information (The Blue Bullets LLC)

Reloading coated bullets is slightly different than loading a jacketed or lead bullet. The bottom line is to preserve the coating. If you strip or damage the coating it may caused lead fouling in your barrel, increased smoke, and/or decreased accuracy. There are several things to pay attention to while setting up your press and reloading. Once the press is set up correctly you will most likely never have to adjust it again.

The perfect amount of crimp will hold the bullet in place but not affect the coating. The best way to check this is to pull a loaded bullet and examine the coating. You should see just a very slight impression (almost none) in the coating from the crimp.

When loading coated bullets you should expand the case opening enough so that it does not cut the coating as the bullet is seated. Many times if it’s right on the line it will not cut under the lube ring but above the lube ring. To verify a correct amount of expansion pull the bullet and examine the coating.

We recommend that you use published lead load data from reputable sources. A coated bullet will run slightly slower than a lead bullet (5FPS-10FPS.) This is usually only going to matter to a shooter that is loading to a Power Factor for competition. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to send us an email at sales@thebluebullets.com. Hodgon's website is a good place to start if you need some help with load data.

Hodgon Load Data

These will work in Bullet Feeders unlike lead bullets.