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Barry Lynn DeWalt (68) of Reidsville, NC was born on August 27th, 1955, to Robert and Theresa DeWalt of Carlisle, PA. Barry passed away suddenly on the evening of January 9th, 2024, at his home.

Barry was survived by his oldest son Seth DeWalt (Traci DeWalt(wife) and grandchildren, Tyler Goins, Austin DeWalt, Elaine Boles, and Kayla DeWalt), his youngest son, Nathan DeWalt (Shannon DeWalt(wife) and grandchildren Tobias DeWalt, Jethro Barry DeWalt, and Ziva DeWalt). Barry was preceded in death by his father Robert Lyle DeWalt. Barry was also survived by his mother Theresa Weakley DeWalt, his brother Steve DeWalt (Tammy DeWalt(wife) and Christian DeWalt (Barry’s nephew)), his sister Debra Johnson, and her children (David Seifert, and Daniel Seifert.) Barry was also survived by the mother of his children, Brenda Barker.

Barry graduated from Big Spring High School in Newville PA in 1974. After graduating, he worked at the Sunoco gas station as a mechanic where he met his wife, Brenda. They married in 1977. In 1980 Barry went to work for Carlisle Tire and Rubber. Barry and his wife Brenda had two children; Seth Lewis DeWalt (1980), and Nathan Robert DeWalt (1987.) In 1990 Barry moved his family to North Carolina where he went to work for Purolator as a machinist. In the mid-1990s Barry began doing construction and started Setna Construction which was named after his two sons Seth (Set) and Nathan (Na.) In 2013 he started The Blue Bullets with his son Nathan. In 2017 Barry’s son, Seth was able to join the company, allowing him to work closely with both of his sons. In the last few years Barry got the opportunity to travel going to India, China, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Alaska.

Barry was a loving father, an outstanding grandfather (we call him pawpaw), and a great friend. He was always there to help anyone that needed it and would go above and beyond. Barry had a great sense of humor and could find something to laugh about in almost any situation, making him one of the most fun people to just be around. He loved spending time with his children and grandchildren. If he wasn’t at home or working, you would most likely find him on “the island” (Cape Lookout, Outer Banks) with his Frito Lay Chip truck camper sitting in a chair with a line in the water and beer in his hand. Through the years he enjoyed many things from fishing and shooting competitively, to barreling through the woods on his Polaris or riding motorcycles with his kids, what he enjoyed even more was having his family join him in the fun. Even at 66 you could have found him riding a sport bike (motorcycle) on the racetrack with his sons. Barry had a lifetime of experience. He could machine just about any part he needed, build a house from the ground up, take an old chip truck converting it into a camper, and so much more. He was loved by many people and had friends everywhere. He will be missed.

Barry’s Celebration of Life will be held on March 2nd, 2024, at 2pm at Mount Bethel Covenant Church located at 8130 NC Hwy 65, Summerfield, NC 27358. Everyone that knew him is welcome to attend. If you knew Barry you know he wasn’t a suit kind of guy, we ask those attending to dress casually (and wear your Blue Bullets shirts if you have them). There will be a short service followed by a time to eat and tell stories. If you have any questions or concerns, please email

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